Procidys: expert in the valuation of co-products

At a time when valorisation of bio-resources is a great challenge, PROCIDYS helps you to develop the solution that fits to your needs.

PROCIDYS is a food processing consulting and research company, specialised in the valorisation of coproducts and the development of biotechnological process. Building on thirty years of experience in marine coproducts industry, Charles Delannoy created PROCIDYS in 2012.

PROCYDIS team, which is composed of three engineers, supports companies’ development and/or optimisation of food processes:

  • market research
  • laboratory tests
  • cost analysis (investment, profitability, etc.)
  • industrial support (choice of equipment, pilot tests, industrialisation)

PROCIDYS develops process of valorisation of various biomass: fish, seafood, seaweeds, plants, cereals, meat and insects. Aiming at combining economic approach and low environmental impact, PROCIDYS works on sober and efficient extraction, purification and drying technologies.

Our fields of activity


fish coproducts

Plants and extracts

Organic waste

Food processing

Insect production and processing

Why work with Procidys?

Vision both scientific and industrial

Accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research under the research tax credit

Responsive company at Human scale

A team to develop your projects

Charles Delannoy


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Tel : 06 18 03 26 66

Morgane Citeau

Project manager

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Project manager

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