Support until industrialization

Our experience in industrial processes

Relying on its industrial experience and its knowledge of coproducts processing, PROCIDYS supports its clients in their investment projects.

Depending on your needs, our assistance may consist of

  • Organizing pilot tests, either in a technical center or on the customer’s site by renting the required equipment
  • Defining the most appropriate technologies: enzymatic hydrolysis, extraction, centrifugation, separation, purification, filtration, drying
  • Sizing equipment: capacity and necessary utilities
  • Evaluating the investment (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX), the selling prices of the ingredients obtained in order to establish the project business plan and validate its profitability
  • Writing and defining the specifications for supplier tenders, taking into account the regulations relating to the hygiene, production and marketing of the ingredients developed
  • Analysing the offers of suppliers and assist the customer in placing orders
  • Making the implementation plans of the process line
  • Assisting the engineering firm in charge of the construction
  • Supporting customers for the equipment reception and the starting of the line
  • Defining control parameters and measuring tools

PROCIDYS helps companies to optimise their extraction process for food byproducts valorisation: performance assessment, energy consumption evaluation, functionality improvement. PROCYDIS also proposes improvements in process management and production line.

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