Laboratory: development of agrifood processes

With PROCIDYS, develop a clean and profitable process

PROCIDYS creates added value by using green process (low environmental impact, solvent-free products).

For example, enzymatic hydrolysis brings a high added value to coproducts: extraction of proteins, lipids, polyphenols, polysaccharides, fibers and other molecules of interest. Appropriate choice of enzymes allows the production of a wide range of hydrolysates with biological and functional properties for food, nutraceuticals, feed and plant nutrition.

PROCIDYS has a large enzyme library and extensive experience in optimising hydrolysis parameters.

PROCIDYS favours the membrane filtration to purify compounds of interest. Innovative and energy-saving drying solutions are also encouraged.

At the laboratory scale, PROCIDYS tests process for transforming biomass from extraction to drying

Industrial-like laboratory equipment is used: extraction reactor, sieving, centrifugation, concentration and freeze-drying equipment. A filtration module operating with industrial membranes allows to perform nano and ultrafiltration. As well as powerful tools for the analysis of the products obtained (Kjeldahl, HPLC, electrophoresis…).

Thanks to the laboratory tests, PROCIDYS estimates the yields of the transformation process and evaluates their technical and economic feasibility.

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