Projects and studies for the valorisation of food co-products

PROCIDYS develops new processes and products for various markets

  • Fertilizers and biostimulation for agriculture
  • Food and feed, aquaculture
  • Functional ingredients
  • Cosmetics et nutraceuticals

Marine product

  • Abroad Development of marine hydrolysate
  • France Assistance to the development of a company involved in the valorisation of coproducts of fish
  • AsiA Technical assistance for the creation of a shrimp factory
  • French Guiana Valorisation of fish by-products and fermentable waste
  • France Study and development of a unit for fish coproducts
  • Abroad Study of silage production on board shipowners
  • Abroad Valorisation of tuna coproducts and implementation of the industrial project
  • France Optimisation of a process for the production of a marine cosmetic ingredient
  • France Valorisation of coproducts of fish for the production of bio stimulating fertilizers
  • France Development of a process for the production of collagen from fish by-products
  • Abroad Study in Mauritania for the valorisation of marine resources
  • France Studies and characterisations of different microalgae
  • Morocco Study of techniques and procedures of landing of boats
  • Abroad Project to valorise mussel cooking juices
  • Mauritania Participation in a study on the valorisation of fishery products in Nouadhibou

Products of plant origin

  • Abroad Development of a process and engineering for the creation of a wood plant extract factory
  • France Subcontracting research for the production of a plant extract
  • France Development of a protein hydrolysate of wheat and other cereals
  • France Potato by-product valorisation study
  • France Valorisation of plant by-products for the extraction of enzymes
  • Europe Assistance in the development of new drying techniques for plant extracts
  • Abroad Implementation of a guar protein extraction process
  • Abroad Valorisation of cocoa by-products

Products of animal origin

  • France Valorisation of meat byproducts
  • Europe Market study of drying techniques
  • France Several projects of insect larval recovery studies
  • France Transformation of blood residues

The stages of a project

The steps of a laboratory project

PROCIDYS operates mainly in the following sectors

Extraction of marine ingredients: lipids, proteins, peptides, collagen, hydrolysates, polysaccharides, omega 3

Protein and fat production of insects

Algae fractionation

Extraction of vegetable proteins and other compounds (vitamins, sugars, polyphenols…)