Why choose PROCIDYS?


  • The expertise of agri-food industrial processes
  • 30 years of experience in the valorisation of co-products
  • Excellent knowledge of the markets
  • A vision that is both scientific and industrial
  • The responsiveness of a small team

What is enzymatic hydrolysis?

Enzymatic hydrolysis solubilises and liquefies, by the action of enzymes, various organic compounds. For example, proteases cut the peptide bonds of proteins to release smaller molecules (amino acids, peptides, polypeptides…). The product obtained is a protein hydrolysate.
Examples of enzymatic hydrolysis uses:

  • compound digestibility improvement
  • obtaining antimicrobial hydrolysate
  • Splitting the various phases of a matrix to allow oil extraction

My company generates a co-product. How can PROCIDYS help me valorise it?

By analysing the composition of the co-product, bibliography data, existing patents and the market, PROCIDYS suggests one or more relevant valuation leads.
Tests in the laboratory and at pilot scale can confirm the feasibility of the process, the quality of the products obtained and the economic interest of the project.

How can I make sure my project is profitable?

Thanks to its expertise in industrial extraction process and a good knowledge of equipment suppliers, PROCIDYS can evaluate the investment (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX) of your project and the return on investment time.

How can co-products be used?

From your coproducts, PROCIDYS helps you developing liquid or powder extracts for multiple markets: agriculture, food and feed, aquaculture, functional ingredients, cosmetics and nutraceuticals.
The challenge of each project is to value 100% of the coproduct. From a single coproduct, several products can often be developed. For example, protein hydrolysate, oil and mineral powder can all been extracted from a fish filleting coproduct.

What can be extracted from coproducts or insects?

By appropriate choice of enzymes, equipment and process, it is possible to extract and purify a wide range of ingredients such as proteins (peptides, collagen, hydrolysates), lipids, polysaccharides, functional ingredients, fibers, vitamins, polyphenols …

What means does PROCIDYS have?

PROCIDYS has a laboratory located at the AgroCampus in Rennes, with numerous experimental and analytical means. This brings the team close to academic research.
PROCIDYS has partnerships with technical centres as well as many contacts with equipment manufacturers, customers and suppliers.
PROCIDYS is a member of several clusters (Valorial, Aquimer) and technical institutes (Extractis, IDMer).

What is the area of action of PROCIDYS?

PROCIDYS team is located in France but works with clients all over the world: 50% of the projects carried out are outside France (Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, South America, North Africa, Europe).

Who are the clients of PROCIDYS?

PROCIDYS works with start-ups and micro-businesses as well as large international agribusiness companies. PROCIDYS also conducts studies for universities, technical centres, and institutional organisations.

Where is PROCYDIS located?

Procidys has its head office with two engineers in Wimereux in the North of France and a research laboratory with two engineers at AgroCampus Rennes, in Brittany.